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Join acclaimed orthodontist, Dr. W. Clark Andersen, on an all-truths-on-deck journey through the world of braces, retainers, and beautiful smiles. In an eminently readable way, Dr. Andersen―Clark to his patients, even the kids―shares his clinical expertise and heartfelt humanity, busting the most common myths about orthodontics along the way.

If you think your dentist is also an orthodontist, if you wonder whether Invisalign is for you or your child, if you’re worried that braces stain teeth or cost too much, Clark helps you navigate the world of teeth straightening and smile brightening. Along the way, he reveals the love he and his patients share and the heart-warming stories of patients whose lives were changed.

Open this book for orthodontic education and close it with the gratifying realization that great orthodontists love their patients. Says Clark, summing up his philosophy: “We want the visit to the orthodontist to be the best part of every patient’s day.”

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