What Sets Us Apart

Straightening Teeth, Changing Smiles, and Transforming Lives: One Person at a Time!

When you’re straightening your teeth at Edge Orthodontics, you’re part of a family!

Ours is a friendly and family-oriented orthodontic practice. Dr. Clark Andersen – who’s known as “Clark” by our patients and their families – and our team are dedicated to our profession and those we serve. In fact, our mission statement encapsulates our approach:

“We strive to be the best part of our patients’ day!”

Why Orthodontics?

Our smiles, and how we feel about them, touch every part of our lives. When we’re unhappy with our teeth, we tend to be reserved and reluctant to engage with others, concerned about what others see in our smiles.

When our teeth are healthy and straight, though, we are comfortable with our appearance and that grows our self-esteem. In turn, we’re at ease around others and our confidence is obvious in every wonderful smile we choose to share!

If you’re ready for a radiant, winning smile, we’re ready to create it!

Why Edge Orthodontics?

We have been honored to serve the community since 1991, changing the smiles and lives of children, teens, and adults. Now, 30 years later, we are thrilled to be seeing, and treating, the children and even some grandchildren of some of our first patients!

  • Our Doctor: Dr. Andersen – Clark – grew up here in Brigham City and now practices orthodontics in the same office where he helped his father (who was an orthodontist) when he was young. Holding to his father’s dedication to personalized, patient-centered care, Clark incorporates the latest proven technologies and techniques into each person’s treatment. Rather than a cookie-cutter approach, he works closely with each patient and family, reviewing orthodontic options and designing a treatment plan that works for their unique concerns. This ensures comfortable, efficient care and delivers beautiful results!
  • Our Team: Our team members, in the front office and the clinic, are skilled and highly-trained. They are also warm, friendly, and funny. Whether assisting with scheduling, answering a question about treatment, reviewing financials, or providing home care guidance, they do so with insight and compassion. For our team and our doctor, our greatest happiness comes from helping our friends by giving them their best smiles!

Learn More

Have questions about treatment and want to learn more about the Edge Orthodontics philosophy? We invite you to do two things:

  1. Request a free copy of Dr. Andersen’s book, It’s Not About the Braces, where he shares his clinical expertise and heartfelt humanity, busting the most common myths about orthodontics along the way.
  2. Schedule a complimentary – no charge, no pressure, no sales pitch – consultation at one of our two convenient offices, in Brigham City or Garland/Tremonton, UT.

Choosing orthodontic treatment is choosing to transform your life, as you finish with a winning smile and the confidence to pursue your dreams. Everyone at Edge Orthodontics is excited to get started on your new smile and see where you take it life; schedule your consultation, today!

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